Dr. Eaton discovers the world's first "talking" whale
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Lecture Endorsements

Are Guns and Hunting Good for Kids
Why Hunting is Good Medicine Lecture PDF flyer
Human Carnivore and the Sacred Hunt Lecture Series PDF flyer



Endorsement of Toronto Speech and Impact On Media
“Dr. Randy Eaton came to us billed as an engaging, introspective and
talented speaker/researcher regarding hunting and, more specifically,
hunting as a means to improve the lives of our youth.

We are most pleased to say that Dr. Eaton lived up to, and exceeded, all
expectations during his participation in the Ontario Federation of Angelers
and Hunters 73rd Annual Conference in Toronto, Canada.

Dr. Eaton made numerous appearances on some of Canada's most widely viewed
news programs, including Canada A.M., CBC Ontario Morning. His interviews
with major daily newspapers, including The National Post and Toronto Star,
were impressive both in articulation and scope.

And, even overshadowing his great appeal to the mass media was Dr. Eaton's
presentation to over 400 delegates ...not often that a room of that size can
be held with such rapt attention to a single speaker. Obviously, Dr. Eaton's
messages are powerful and inspiring.

We have absolutely no qualms about recommending Dr. Eaton to any individual,
group or organization seeking a top notch speaker with timely and important
information that is well researched, documented and highly relevant to
every member of Canadian, and, for that matter, North American Society.”
Why hunting is good medicine for bad kids.

Mark Holmes, PR Officer

Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters


School Program Reviews
“Dr. Eaton’s program was lively and especially interesting... well suited for a variety of audiences...entertaining and educational.”
Bill Ellison,
Principal, Kings Beach Elementary
“Dr. Eaton’s presentation was very well received by our students, faculty and parents, and became most popular.”
Patty Fore,
Teacher, Kingsbury Middle School
“...most inspiring...far beyond informational... perfectly geared toward intermediate grade students...”
Michael Bryant,
Teacher, Smithridge School
“...He is amazing!...He has the ability to sit in front of three or four hundred students of various ages and capture almost all of their attention...left the children wanting to learn and know more...”
Larry Borino,
Principal, Incline Elementary

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