Secrets of Senior Fitness Stars.

Fitness Training. Trainer of men and women of all ages with broad spectrum of goals 1968-present. Fitness Director, Jungle Gym, Flamingo, Costa Rica, 2006-2008.
Athletic Training. Trainer of pro, collegiate and high school athletes from NFL players down; trained athletes for sports ranging from basketball and football to swimming, tennis, golf, track and field and powerlifting. l968-present.
Senior Fitness. Conducting TV/book project on Secrets of Senior Fitness Stars including interviews of senior champions in bodybuilding, swimming and running. Included are Bill Pearl, Mr. Universe, Frank Zane, Mr. Olympia, Larry Scott, Mr. Olympia, and Sri Chin Moy, yogi and strongest man who ever lived who in his 60s performed a one-hand support lift of 7,900 pounds (and a 2.5" calf raise of 8100 pounds), 2004-present. 
Bodybuilding and powerlifting. Started training at age 13 for sports. At age 25 was captain of Purdue's Powerlifting Team (undefeated), and at age 45 began competing in bodybuilding winning weight class or overall champion and master's division for five years running. Lake Tahoe Bodybuilding Championships, l987-1991.
Athletic Background. Basketball Captain, University of Nairobi, 1966-67. Track and field, University of Nairobi. Powerlifting, Purdue. High school basketball and football captain, competititve swimmer/diver. Soccer, baseball and basketball coach. 


Fitness Resume – Randall L. Eaton, Ph.D.

An internationally known scientist, Dr. Eaton is an award-winning author, lecturer and TV producer. Two of the 15 books he authored or edited received national book awards. He has served on the faculties of zoology and psychology at major universities including University of Georgia and University of Washington. The author of 115 communications in peer-reviewed journals, he also has authored several hundred popular articles which have appeared in Sports Illustrated, Utne Reader, NY Times, etc. A popular keynote speaker, Dr. Eaton has been interviewed on CBS TV National News, PBS TV’s NOVA, Fox TV National News, CBS radio national news, NPR, CBC, BBC radio worldwide news, etc. He has been interviewed in LATimes, NYTimes, Washington Post, Sacramento Bee, Seattle Times, Atlanta Constitution Journal, Miami Times, NYPost, San Diego Tribune and many others.

Director of Fitness at Jungle Gym, Flamingo, Costa Rica, 2005-2007. Supervised PFTs, created, led and promoted special programs including boot camps, fitness training, equipment acquisition, etc.

Trainer of San Diego Chargers during off-season, Incline Court House, Incline Village, NV. 1988-1993.

Trainer of National Collegiate Champion Ski Team, Sierra Nevada College, Incline Village, NV. 1994-1997.

Trainer of Ms Galaxy Contestants, Incline Court House, Incline Village, NV, 1988-90.

Athletic Trainer: powerlifters; bodybuilders; basketball; football; track and field; cross country; golf; swimmers, etc., high school and collegiate. At Purdue University, Incline Court House (Lake Tahoe), his own gym in Enterprise, OR, the Jungle Gym, Costa Rica, etc.

Senior Fitness Authority: conducted questionnaire and personal interviews of worldclass senior fitness stars to identify common factors of their success. Subjects included Bill Pearl, Frank Zane, Larry Scott, bodybuilding legends, as well as Sri Chin Moy, a yogi who was the strongest man in the world.

Bodybuilding Champion: began competing at age 45 and won open and master’s divisions for five years, Lake Tahoe Bodybuilding Championships.

Powerlifting Champion: as Captain of Purdue University’s powerlifting team, Won lightheavy weight division and overall champion by formula in all collegiate competitions. Our coach, a math professor at Purdue, was the Senior Men’s National Powerlifting Champion.

Athletic Competition: Captain of basketball team, University of Nairobi, Kenya, where he also threw shotput on the track and field team; Captain of basketball and football teams in high school; also competed in track/field, swimming and diving.

Nutrition Authority: conceived, developed, promoted, edited and published an interdisciplinary, scientific journal entitled CARNIVORE, about the role of carnivory in human evolution, culture and health. The editorial board members were the foremost biologists and anthropologists in the world, including Nobel laureates in Medicine and Pulitzer prize-winners. 1978-1987. My own scientific work published in CARNIVORE led to an invitation to apply for a tenured position at Harvard in vertebrate biology.

Academic Courses Taught: general biology; vertebrate zoology; mammalogy; marine mammalogy; animal behavior; wildlife biology; environmental studies/ethics; ecology; general psychology; educational psychology; philosophy of education; hunting societies; prehistoric art; transpersonal psychology; etc. Also numerous adult/continuing ed courses.

Management and Marketing Experience: extensive as President of Institute for Study and Conservation of Endangered Species; as Director of Wildlife Safari in Oregon where he conceived, designed, directed and successfully promoted a major zoological theme park, also hired and trained 60 staff and managed the education and PR programs; as President of Wildlife World, Inc., which designed and developed theme attractions in Mexico; as President of the Orca Society at U. Washington, with 15,000 members, he also edited its popular science whale magazine and established two field research stations for student interns; as Director of the Orca Project, a volunteer field research program in which he led over 3,000 volunteers into the wilderness to study wild orca whales; as President of the Asian Elephant Survival Foundation; as President of Sacred Press and Sacred Productions, and so on. Placed ads, wrote press releases, many media appearances, publicity tours, etc.

Holistic Fitness: Dr. Eaton has worked closely with orthopedic physicians, PTs, holistic physicians and healers, nutritionists, sports psychologists and others to develop a full spectrum comprehension of health and fitness that encompasses attitude, exercise and nutrition.

Education: B.A. in biology, Western Illinois University; M.S. in neurobiology Program, Purdue University; Ph.D. in neurobiology program, Purdue; post- doctoral study in zoology, University of Washington. Additional graduate study in zoology and psychology at University of Washington, University of Missouri, Oxford University and University of Nairobi.

Personal: Randall Eaton is supremely fit and healthy. He has two sons, one of whom is a fitness trainer at Fit Works and who was recently interviewed by the NYTimes as the outstanding young fitness trainer in America based on his highest score on the American Sports Medicine fitness trainer exam.

Contact him at 513-394-0284
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Sri Chinmoy supporting over 7,000 pounds with one arm; his record was 7,900 pounds!
Sri Chinmoy performing a 2.5" calf-raise of 8,600 pounds, 5X more than ever achieved!
Larry Scott won the first Mr. Olympia contest in 1967. In this photo he was 65.
In his 70s Bill Pearl rises at 2:30 AM to train
for 2.5 hours/day.

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