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Endorsements of Lecture Programs, Keynote Speeches, Media Appearances and Commencement Addresses by Dr. Randall Eaton

As an educator working toward awareness, understanding, respect and connection to the natural world, few things encapsulate and reinforce our work more than a sacred hunt. And few people are as capable as Dr. Eaton in mentoring this journey. He leaves no room for doubt that animals can be our teachers and that a wealth of ecological wisdom comes from the heart. His depth of experience and sharing of wisdom around this right of passage were invaluable for our staff.
-------Dan Fontaine
-------Executive Director
-------Wilderness Youth Project

"Your expertise and level of commitment were obvious to all in attendance, and your important message will spread through the media, our member clubs and zone reports."
-------Mike Reader
-------Executive Director
-------Ontario Federation Anglers and Hunters

Thank you for the fine, inspiring and meaningful presentation to our OFAH guys....Many hunters feel this same passion about the hunting experience but are sometimes too embarassed to articulate their feelings ....I think that you're bang-on when you say that the world would be a better place if every man could be exposed to GOD'S great wilderness classroom.
-------Don Pajot, Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters Annual Conference

“I attended Dr. Eaton's presentation and workshop at the recent Illinois state Ducks Unlimited Convention. His message was both informative and entertaining and I believe attendees left with a clear perspective on the positive effect that introducing our youth to hunting and other outdoor skills has on their adulthood. I would recommend Dr. Eaton as a speaker at any event that has to do with getting our youth into the wild outdoors.
------------Mark Spangler
Executive Director
Conservation Foundation of Illinois


“One of the most committed, best organized, highest energy and most interesting

people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting…He is simply a gifted public speaker.”

                Craig Thompson, Chair, Board of Directors, National Wildlife Federation


"I was refreshed by your presentation....yes, our passion is spiritual...keep sending the message."
------------T. Broddrick, former Director, California Fish and Game

                                  at Game Conservation International convention)


“One of the finest, most meaningful, important programs I ever heard, by

Dr. Randy Eaton – can’t wait to read Randy’s new book, From Boys to Men of Heart – this man is deep…”

                                    Steve Pollick, Outdoor Editor, Toledo Blade


“OWAA conferences are an opportunity to listen to…compelling speakers –

Charles Kuralt, Randall Eaton, Richard Louv, Chuck Yeager…”

                                     Outdoors Unlimited

“A dynamic and inspiring presentation.”

                                   John J. Jackson, Past President, Safari Club

                                   International (regarding address to delegates of 70

                                   nations, CIC convention, Slovenia)



“Dr. Eaton’s keynote address to the Southeastern Outdoor Press Association membership attending the 43rd fall conference in North Little Rock was terrific. He had everyone sitting on the edge of their seats as he gave a very passionate explanation about why people hunt. There may not be a more dynamic ambassador anywhere for all that is right and good about hunting.”

                                    Stan Kirkland, President, Southeast Outdoor Press


I don't know anyone with a better understanding of issues related to
conservation, hunting and the importance of getting the next generation
into the outdoors. Randy has written what is perhaps the definitive work on this last topic in his new book, "From Boys to Men of Heart." He has worked extensively with groups ranging from troubled teens to elite conservation  organizations. Randy speaks passionately about the values hunting can bring to a civilized society and the role of conservation in a contemporary world.

“I have heard Dr. Eaton speak at several Outdoor Writers Association of America conferences. Each time, he has challenged his audience with new ideas and fresh perspectives on the topics of wildlife and conservation. I have interviewed him several times on my radio show. His interviews are insightful, provocative and above all entertaining. Many listeners have asked for more information about him and his work.”

            Dan Small, Ph.D., Dan Small Outdoors



“Very thought provoking and stimulating presentation during our Ducks Unlimited Leadership Conference. It’s been a long time since I have been ‘fired up’ by a great briefing.”

                                    Kirk Davidson, Regional Director, Ducks Unlimited


Outstanding speech at FNAWS/Mule Deer Convention…deeply inspiring and motivational…extremely educational.”

                                    Dennis Dunn, author of BAREBOW


“The message is so powerful and necessary, especially in an age when we are increasingly separated from nature…it got everyone thinking.”

                                    Fred Provenza, Professor of Wildland Resources,

                                    Utah State University


“All in attendance were in awe of your presentation…they want more.”

                                    Chip Hart, President, Ohio Outdoor Writers


“Dr. Randy Eaton came to us billed as an engaging speaker/researcher regarding hunting as a means to improve the lives of our youth…Dr. Eaton exceeded all expectations…numerous appearances on some of Canada’s most widely viewed news programs were impressive both in articulation and scope…overshadowing his great appeal to the mass media was Dr. Eaton’s presentation to over 400 delegates of the 83,000-member Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters. It is not often that a room of that size can be held with such rapt attention to a single speaker…Dr. Eaton’s messages are powerful and inspiring…a top notch speaker with timely and important information that is well researched, documented and highly relevant to every member of North American society.”

                                  Mark Holmes, PR Director, Ontario Federation Anglers

                                  And Hunters



“Dr. Eaton is a well known expert on the role of hunting in society…focuses on the role of hunting in the development of maturity, ethics and social consciousness…Most of the electronic media have interviewed Dr. Eaton, in print and on-the-air…one of the foremost spokesmen for hunting. Dr. Eaton can provide a substantive and meaningful dimension to any discussion of hunting and the need to nurture our youth in the hunting arts to sustain society and the youth themselves.”

                                 Ivan J. Schell, President, Kentuckiana Chapter,

                                 Safari Club International


“I have been a member of the BCWF for over 40 years…a past President…have been on the executive of the Canadian Wildlife Federation…have attended numerous conferences, conventions and wildlife association meetings…In all those years I have never heard a speaker better able to explain to sportsmen why they hunt and the philosophy of hunting  than you did…You certainly deserved the standing ovation…the message you have to give needs to be heard by all hunters and those that at this time are not hunters…”

                     Ed Mankelow, Past President, BC Wildlife Federation


“Provocative, a true scholar, articulate and speaks from the heart.”

                    Dr. Dave Guynn, Professor of Wildlife Clemson University


“In 2000, I invited Dr. Eaton to be our Distinguished Conservation Lecturer (the Fred Barkalow endowment annual lecturer) at North Carolina State University. He was well into his philosophical development of how hunting bonds people to wildlife and the natural environment, generating lifelong passionate commitment to environmental conservation, when he gave his presentation. He challenged the audience to consider the notion of the natural man being a hunter at the core. Far more than other Barkalow Lecturers, he stimulated spirited debate and conversation that lasted well after his departure from the campus.”

                 Peter Bromley, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, North Carolina State University



“Fascinating…I have admired the originality and boldness of (his) work…one of the few truly humanistic scientists.”

                    Edward O. Wilson, Harvard


“Program (on orcas) was great and extremely well received by a very diverse audience…ability to combine the scientific with the philosophic and make it popular…a very powerful speaker.”

                                   Thane Maynard, Director, Cincinnati Zoo


“Your lecture on orcas had them enthralled and if I had not shut off the discussion, we would have been there until morning. We do a lot of programs but seldom get this kind of enthusiasm.”

                                  Dr. Dave Kathka, Dean, Western Wyoming College



“Everyone I have talked to since Dr. Eaton’s lecture has been very enthusiastic. And that is true of faculty, students and community members. It was not just his lecture that was appreciated but his willingness to speak to classes, the extra time he gave to give TV and radio interviews, and the sincerity and importance of his message…his engagement with the world of ideas… showed our students what it is like to live a life committed to hunting ideas wherever they may take you.”

                                     Richard L. Kyte, Ph.D., Director, Reinhart Institute

                                     For Leadership in Ethics, Viterbo University


“Randall Eaton is a gifted and inspirational storyteller and speaker.
Whether in front of 90 undergraduate seniors or mentoring young adults
Randall's energy is powerful and his presence is captivating. Even 6 months after his visit to the University of Vermont, my students still reference his talk and describe it as one of the most influential of their undergraduate careers

                                          Matt Kolan, Lecturer, Rubenstien School

                                    of Environment and Natural Resources, University of  



“Your talk at graduation was powerful and moving…Thanks for such an uplifting talk.”

                       Zac Ipsa Landa, Regenerative Design and Nature Awareness,

                       Bolinas, CA


“Your message challenges Western social, cultural and scientific paradigms and forces many of us to critically evaluate our ideas and beliefs….thank you for sharing your message with us.”

                                  Amy Darling, President, University of Alberta Student                     

                                  Chapter Wildlife Society


“You offer more bubblegum for the brain than anyone I know.”

                                  Steve Klavin, Senior Biology Major, Western 

                                  Washington University


“Over the past 15 years I’ve video-recorded many well-known speakers – Deepok Chopra, John Gray, Ram Dass – but rarely if ever have I heard anyone speak so eloquently.”

                                   Mark Waters, High Country Productions


During Furman University's Year of the Environment, 2006-07, I chose to  bring Dr. Eaton to campus … In the evaluation of the  40+ programs offered on campus during the academic year, Dr. Eaton's speech about hunting as a rite of passage was likely the best received.  Dr. Eaton's skill at both delivering a formal presentation and fielding questions was so impressive to me that I had to invite him back.  Randall Eaton is is a rare and precious resource.                         

                                    Frank Powell, Ph.D., Furman University

 “Randy Eaton has more camera presence and audience appeal than anyone

we’ve had on the show.”

                                  Jake Haslekorn, Producer, “Animals, Animals,

                                  Animals,” ABC TV National News


“He’s such a good story-teller I thought he must be from the South.”

                                 Ken Wilber, Editor, Shambhala Press