Independent Schools Act (Support And Operational Staff) Multi-Enterprise Agreement

6 25. No additional rights 26. Union representatives 27. Flexibility clause 28. Agreement of bonuses SCHEDULE 1 Salary scales and allowances ATTACHEMENT A Employers and schools covered by this agreement 3. Definitions For the purposes of this agreement: (a) the Act refers to the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth); The casual Employee refers to an employee who is hired and paid as such; The staff, without restricting the universality of this expression; (ii) iii) iv) v) (vii) a salaried employee as a teacher who may be employed in a designated position as an assistant in the food technology sector; Art assistant, CAS assistant, music assistant, laboratory assistant, library/audiovisual assistant, reading room assistant, computer assistant, archivist, bilingual assistant, teacher assistant, electoral assistant or other job in which staff are required to assist teachers in co-school programs or activities of the school or kindergarten (these persons are referred to in this agreement as school assistants or office workers); a worker whose primary function is the maintenance of buildings, facilities and equipment; either the preparation and maintenance of the land, employment in the school canteen or in a single store, or the operation of a school bus or other similar tasks, as prescribed by the school; a worker employed in general operational positions including a job in a kitchen or dining room, a job as a cleaner or janitor; or a worker who may be employed in a position described as an assistant, worker, assistant or supervisor in or in connection with preschool, child care, child care, pre-child care and post-operative and vacation services; or a registered nurse or a staff member in charge of pastoral care and supervision of students in a boarding house; A staff member employed for student assistance, guidance, assessment and social assistance. (d) the employer is an employer that is covered by this agreement; NSW (Support and Operational Staff) Multi-Enterprise Agreement Page 6 13 Office and Administrative Staff: a Level 1 office worker has no prior knowledge or training and may be required: A. which relates to basic clerical skills under control; B. Tasks such as order processing and mailing, messaging and photocopying; and C. to perform telephone discharge tasks for a short period of time. (ii) a Level 2 clerical officer (a position to which registered officials, receptionists, secretaries-general, text typists, data entry officers and administrative assistants may belong) may be required: A. handles all office tasks; B. perform a number of financial tasks; C.

take responsibility for operational issues in the field of work; D. coordinate work within the area of responsibility; E. monitoring of up to two staff members; F. Establishing standard operating reports and statistical reports; and G. with standard information systems. (iii) A Level 3 senior office worker (which may include personal assistants, payroll officials, financial assistants, creditors, debtors, accountants, polling station agents for alternative format, archivists, computer agents and special representatives for projects) may be required: A.

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