Tbs Sv Collective Agreement

A round of negotiations, scheduled for January, has been postponed to allow the employer to obtain a new mandate from the new Liberal government. The psaC`s objective in this round of negotiations is to reach a fair collective agreement that values the work and contributions of CFIA employees. The employer argues that the agent`s proposal should not be the subject of collective bargaining and that the Commission should not be treated in its report in accordance with Sections 113 and 177 of the Federal Industrial Relations and Employment Act (FPSLRA) (Figure #15). Among the results of the Joint Hay Study 2015, the ships `Crews (SC) group was absent because there was not enough participation to achieve significant results. Nevertheless, this group expected a wage adjustment of 5% at the same time as the model established for economic increases. In addition, an agreement was reached to establish a joint committee with the union and the employer to review their remuneration (Annex L). The employer also argues that in other CPA collective agreements that have similar working conditions, there are no provisions for the reimbursement of car parks (i.e. on board a vessel for maritime testing or the maritime tax), such as the Architecture Group, Land Engineering and Measurement (NR), Research Group (RE), Electronic Group (EL), Ship Repair Group (West) SR (W), Ship Repair Group (East) SR (E), Ship Repair (All Chargehand and Production Employees Located on the East Coast (SR (C)) group and Ships` Officers (SO) group. There is no evidence of the need for this allocation and its value for money. In addition, these provisions do not exist in other CPA collective agreements or separate agencies. In this context, psaC negotiating team members arrived in Ottawa to prioritize bargaining requests and ensure that our members reach a fair collective agreement and that public services are protected. “Teams continue to focus on building a strong agreement that will strengthen the public service. PSAC expects the new Liberal government to live up to its commitments to respect our right to free collective bargaining and restore public services provided by our members,” said Robyn Benson, President of PSAC National.

The Palestinian Authority`s negotiating team did everything in its power to try to negotiate an agreement with the IRS. In this context, and in accordance with the recently concluded/signed agreements, an increase in the overtime meal allowance, as proposed here, and in accordance with the agreement on the implementation of the SV Group collective agreement as part of a comprehensive settlement, would be appropriate. The new CFIA collective agreement is finally in force. It was officially signed by the PSAC and the Agency on October 8, 2014. The CFIA now has a maximum of 90 days to implement changes to the collective agreement, including the adjustment of wage rates and the issuance of retroactive wages. Four negotiating teams, with the support of a mediator, will again be at the table with the CFO to continue negotiations on new collective agreements. PSAC`s interim agreements with the Treasury Board for tc, SV, PA and EB trading units will only take effect if ratified by a member vote.

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