La Collective Agreement

Additional language to be included in the SCRPEG vacancy notices as a standard option in the CRL post booking model (not included in the collective agreement). o) This hourly average agreement is automatically renewed every April 1 of each year for the duration of the following fiscal year. (b) In accordance with the previous agreement, the company will compensate the time described in subsection 23.02 (a) for the institution`s duties of a reasonable period of each week, at its normal rate of pay, but this does not apply to the time spent on such matters outside its normal schedule. In the case of direct bargaining of a collective agreement, the number of outgoing members of the Institute with pay is limited to one (1) representing for every 100 percent or part of it to the Chalk River Professional Employees Group at the time of receipt of the bargaining communication. For workers covered by the CNL-CRPEG collective agreement, the collective agreement prevails over this document, where and to the extent that they may conflict. 4.06 If the contracting parties fail to agree on possible changes to the guidelines and business procedures covered by the collective agreement, the matter will be referred to mediation. An employee`s salary is determined by a certain margin of pay. If an employee`s contribution and performance are compatible with the respective performance descriptor, their salary can increase by increasing performance to the top of their pay field. The size of the increase is added up using a high-performance payment grid that provides indicative increases for each level of performance and by salary level. The performance payment grid is available in both the SAM and the collective agreement. (a) The employer will notify the worker of his ongoing activity no later than three (3) months after the official date of the signing of the collective agreement. The number of non-permanent officers and the duration of the transfer for the categories covered by points b), (c) and (f) cannot be exceeded without the written consent of CRPEG.

CRPEG does not unduly retain the agreement. Applications for renewal of a contract beyond the initial duration must be justified by management administration, audit by the human resources department and approval of CRPEG.

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