Defence Production Sharing Agreement 1956

I represent the State Department, especially the U.S. Department of State. We have a responsibility to find commercial opportunities in the military and non-military areas of aerospace defence and procurement in the United States. We have a program that works very complementaryly with our colleagues in the department, including CCC, Industry Canada, Public Works and National Defence. We have a long history of success, I think, in terms of providing good and strong business leaders for Canadian businesses to hang on. 1630 I think what I can say in an open forum like this is that Canada has had a special exception to these export authorizations for years and that it is all due to things like the sharing of defence production. We had privileged access. This access is very compromised. The U.S. State Department is currently seeking a more consistent approach with the Organization of American States with respect to gun legislation. This joint statement of intent remains in effect indefinitely, subject to an amendment or termination at any time, by mutual agreement or information, six months after one party receives the intention of the other party to terminate it. We have an invitation from the British government to visit and around London, England to check out several important sites they have and to hear some of the important work they did during the acquisition.

You`ve had a lot of defense checks lately. They have openly shared with me that they have some of the same problems we believe we have, and they think they are on their way to solving some of them. This may be a very useful trip. On the side of the defence production sharing agreement, there is a July 1956 agreement on joint defence production, signed between the Department of Defence and our own National Defence in Canada, which really triggered a whole series of agreements, agreements and other forms of contractual agreements between our respective countries. This became collectively known as the agreement on the sharing of defence production.

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